What is LiveScan?

Livescan refers to the use of a computer-based device which reads the fingerprint patterns of a subject directly from the subject’s fingers. Therefore, the prints are collected into an electronic medium from a “live” person’s fingers rather than being read from an inked hard card. The benefit of having a LiveScan done is that an organization not only receives background-check information based on that fingerprint; it also receives updated information if anyone in their database is involved in any future illegal activity.

Why does Beachcities require their volunteers to have a LiveScan?

A child is a parent’s most precious possession here on Earth. While we believe in the validity and importance of both repentance and grace; Beachcities Community Church is strongly committed to the safety of the children and families we serve. We require all our volunteers to have a LiveScan completed because it allows us to make an adequately informed decision in light of a person’s past behaviors. LiveScan also alerts us if a current volunteer is involved in illegal activity any time in the future. Having all of our volunteers LiveScanned is part of our effort to do everything possible to ensure the safety of the children in our care.

How can I complete my LiveScan?

Visit the California LiveScan Office at 18090 Beach Blvd, #10 in Huntington Beach. You’ll need a valid Driver’s License or other accepted form of identification and can call (714) 787-8765 to make an appointment for your LiveScan.

If I have been Livescanned before, do I have to do it again?

Possibly. California LiveScan does not share information between organizations. So if you have completed a LiveScan in the past for an organization other than Beachcities Community Church, we do not have access to that information and you will need to complete another LiveScan for us. However, if you have previously completed a LiveScan to serve elsewhere at Beachcities, we already have your information on file and you do not need to do another LiveScan.

I’m under 18. What about me?

Minors are not required to have a LiveScan completed. We do, however, ask that you keep in mind your age during the week of camp, not your age when you apply to volunteer. If you will be turning 18 before the start of camp, you’ll need to be LiveScanned.