KidsGames 2019

Gisler Middle School, 21141 Strathmoor Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92646


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KidsGames 2019 1st-5th Grade Electives


Aerial Dance and Circus Arts*

Fly through the air on aerial silks, aerial hammock and aerial hoop; find your balance on our slack line; and learn partner acrobatics. Sponsored by Elevate Aerial, this elective will have you ready to run away and join the circus!


We can’t promise they won’t come home with paint under their fingernails, but we can promise that campers in this elective will learn and practice basic art concepts and skills while letting their creativity run wild!


They say Michael Jordan got cut from his junior high basketball team. Maybe he could have made it if he had come to KidsGames first.

Boot Camp

What do you get when you combine obstacle courses, mud, tug-of-war, nerf guns, and lots of extra energy? We’re not sure either, but campers sure seem to have a lot of fun doing all those things in our boot camp elective!


2-4-6-8, KidsGames cheer is really great! Campers in this elective will learn and perform basic cheer skills.

Cupcake Wars

Campers will not only learn different techniques for decorating their cupcakes, they’ll get to compete against one another just like the Food Network TV show!


5,6,7,8! Our dance elective campers will learn and perform an exciting routine together while learning new steps and honing their skills along the way! Sponsored by the Dance Studio of Orange County.

Fashion Design *

Not only will our fashion design campers get to make some of the own designs come to life, they’ll get to walk in their very own fashion show!

 First Aid and CPR

There’s a rumor out there that KidsGames is where Doogie Howser got his start. Campers will learn basic first aid and CPR, complete with a real certification at the end of the week!

Flag Football

Hike! Our football campers will have a blast learning all the basics of the game! 

Fortnite Dance*

Best Mates, Boogie Down, Orange Justice, and Take the L. These are just a few of the dance moves made popular by the Fortnite video game that our campers can learn in this new elective sponsored by the Dance Studio of Orange County! 


We’re head over heels for gymnastics! Learn and practice fundamental gymnastics skills from our fun and encouraging coaches!


Careful—spending time in this elective may cause you to plan a trip to the islands! Lokelani’s Rhythm of the Islands will be joining us to sponsor this elective and teach our campers the basics of hula!

Lego Engineering

Is your floor littered with random Lego bricks? Lego Engineering might be the right elective for your camper. Now just try not to step on them.

Musical Theater*

They can sing, they can dance, after all miss, this is…KidsGames! Our musical theater campers will learn music and choreography together and perform at Celebration Weekend!


Campers in this elective get to try out exciting experiments that Bill Nye himself would be proud of!


Got the next Pele living in your house? Sign them up for our soccer elective where they’ll get to practice skills they know and even learn some new ones!


By the end of the week in this elective, your camper will be ready to audition as an extra in the Top Gun remake.


HGTV’s got nothing on our woodworking elective! Campers will get to build some fun DIY projects while learning basic carpentry skills.


*Electives with an asterisk are performance electives, meaning these campers will get to perform at Celebration Weekend! 


This year our KidsGames campers will be learning how to POWER UP by getting to know God!

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