We have many different opportunities for you to serve this summer!  Feel free to explore the options below before you apply.  Questions about volunteer opportunities can be directed to Staci at staci.robertson@beachcities.org.


Pre-Camp Team

Maybe you’d like to help, but aren’t able to be present during the week of camp?  Data entry, shopping, transporting equipment, building sets, gathering donations and putting together materials are just a few of the things done months in advance to get ready for KidsGames. We’ve got lots to do, and we’ll take all the help we can get!

Time Commitment: Varies according to each volunteer’s availability


Our KidsGames guides are what most people would call a “camp counselor”. Guides are assigned a group of 6-10 campers that they are responsible for supervising throughout the whole week of camp. Job requirements include limitless energy, boundless enthusiasm, and possibly some quirky dance moves.

Time Commitment: pre-camp training, all 5 days of camp

Assistant Guide

Each guide is given an assistant to provide a little extra help supervising his or her campers throughout the week. The assistant’s job is similar to the guide’s. Additional job requirement is the ability to know where the volunteer snack table is at all times.

Time Commitment: pre-camp training, all 5 days of camp

Buddy for a child with special needs

Our Buddies exist to make sure every child can join in the fun to the best of their abilities.  We recognize that, for children with special needs, attending a camp can be a difficult and uncomfortable experience. Each Buddy is assigned a camper to assist throughout the whole week, allowing them to bond with that camper as they help them enjoy all the fun and excitement of KidsGames.

Time Commitment: pre-camp training, all 5 days of camp

Elective Head Coach

With over 15 electives in both creative arts and sports, we need a lot of coaches! If you have a particular area of expertise or experience and enjoy teaching kids what you know, this is the job for you! Coaches spent 2, 40-minute sessions per day with a group of 20-40 campers, teaching them skills in their designated elective.

Time Commitment: pre-camp training, all 5 days of camp

Elective Assistant Coach

Each head coach is given one or more assistants to help him or her with their elective sessions each day. If you’d love to be an elective coach, but perhaps can’t be on campus every day of camp, we’d love to have you as an assistant coach!

Time Commitment: pre-camp training, minimum of 2 days of camp

Closing Celebration Team

One of the most important aspects of KidsGames is our Closing Celebration, which happens the weekend after camp. This really is the biggest and best part of KidsGames! If you would like to be a part of KidsGames but can’t work camp during the week.  Join the Closing Celebration Team!

Time Commitment: pre-camp, weekend after camp

Sets and Decor Team

Our sets and décor are part of what makes the KidsGames experience so memorable! From our on-stage sets to our signs around campus, our Sets and Decor Team create all of our materials. We’re not just looking for artists—we’re also looking for people who are able to build and put together large set pieces (which often includes making sense of some of the crazy fun ideas coming from our artists!). Much of our work on sets and décor comes well before the first week of camp.

Time Commitment: varies, mostly pre-camp

Tech and Media Arts Team

Do you know how to run a soundboard? Do you love the pressure of making sure everything happens when it’s supposed to? Do you have experience with video, photography, or editing? We are looking for volunteers on our Tech and Media Team who can help KidsGames run smoothly—from sound and lights to our video and photo recaps.

Time Commitment: all 5 days of camp

FunGames Team

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to move a Ping-Pong ball through sand, using only your nose, while blindfolded? Do you love loud techno music and dressing up in strange costumes? Is it your goal to lose your voice by the end of the week? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then FunGames may be the place for you. This team runs 2, 40-minute sessions of wacky and high-energy games and recreation for our campers.

Time Commitment: pre-camp training, minimum 2 days of camp

Compassion Team

Each year, we give our campers a way to give back to our local community through our Compassion Project, which is also a competition between teams. Our compassion team helps organize the compassion project, keeps track of the competition and helps ensure the funds raised or goods gathered are handled appropriately.

Time Commitment: pre-camp training, minimum 1 day of camp

Parking and Security

500 campers and 300 volunteers? That means a lot of cars! Our parking and security team helps the drop-off and pick-up process run smoothly. This team also helps secure our campus to be sure that KidsGames is a completely safe environment for our campers.

Time Commitment: pre-camp training, minimum 1 day of camp

Guest Services

Our guest services team is the first to come into contact with our parents during the week of camp. They are available to answer questions and handle issues that may arise, as well as helping with camper check-in. throughout their day, our guest services team performs a variety of jobs related to helping our campers and their families have a smooth experience.

Time Commitment: pre-camp training, minimum 1 day of camp

First Aid

We have a first aid team on-site during the week of camp to help campers and volunteers with minor injuries or illnesses. If you have experience in the medical field and are available to help us with one or more days of camp, we’d love to have your help!

Time Commitment: minimum 1 day of camp

Snack Team

Every single one of our campers gets a delicious and healthy snack each day of camp. Serving 500 snacks is a big job. Our snack team prepares, assembles and delivers snack each day to our campers. And if you really like sneaking the leftover Oreos at the bottom of the bag, this might be the job for you!

Time Commitment: minimum 1 day of camp

Facilities Team

Our facilities team handles daily set-up and teardown, as well as cleanup and repair jobs during each day of camp. If you prefer working behind the scenes, this is a great spot for you to volunteer. Want to help, but can’t manage being away from work? Our set-up crew is often looking for help starting at 6AM each morning, so this is a great way for you to help for just an hour or two at the start of each day. The best part is that it means you get free coffee every morning before you head to work!

Time Commitment: ranging from 2 hours all the way up to all 5 days, dependent on availability

Volunteer Appreciation

We have a lot of volunteers. And they do a lot of work. So we want to make sure they are well taken care of. Our volunteer appreciation team helps provide snacks, drinks and a space for our volunteers to take a deep breath and recharge throughout the day. Requirements for the job are an ability to help serve large amounts of caffeine and a general disregard for whether or not you should be feeding people this much sugar.

Time Commitment: minimum 1 day of camp

Volunteer Day Camp

We offer a free day camp for children of volunteers who are ages 0-3 years old (too young to attend camp).  Our day campers have just as much fun as our KidsGames campers, so if you’re more excited about babies and toddlers than you are the big kids, this is a perfect opportunity for you to make serving at KidsGames possible for many parents who couldn’t do it otherwise.

Time Commitment: pre-camp training, minimum 1 day of camp

Early Camper Care

Each morning, we ask our volunteers to report for duty approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of camp to get everything ready for the day. This presents a problem for any volunteer who also has a child attending camp. Our early camper care volunteers provide a brief time of childcare on our playground for these campers whose parents are busy getting KidsGames ready for the day. This is a great way to serve if you’re only available for a short time each day.

Time Commitment: 1 hour


KidsGames is a great opportunity for you to be a support and a part of changing kids lives.  If you are unable to volunteer your time, there are other opportunities for you or your business to financially support KidsGames. There are needs running from food and craft supplies to location costs and camperships.  If you would like to give financially to support KidsGames you can give online using beachcities.org/giving. 



Email Staci at staci.robertson@beachcities.org.

 Call: (714) 698-0668 for further assistance