2018 Electives

Aerial Silks

Campers in this elective will get to spend the week learning the basics of aerial silk performance. Because you know what they say….today’s aerial silk camper is tomorrow’s Cirque Du Soleil performer.


Are you creative or would you like to be? Get in touch with your inner Picasso or Van Gogh in our Art elective.


Not just for Napoleon Dynamite. Learn the basics of ASL in our newest elective.


Donde esta la biblioteca? Campers in this elective will have a blast learning the basics of speaking Spanish through exciting games and lessons.


Join our “June Madness” and learn how to be the next Kobe Bryant.


Bump, set, spike! We can't promise that they'll come out of this elective as good as Maverick and Goose, but we can promise they'll have a lot of fun!

Boot Camp

The few, the proud, the KidsGames Boot Campers. If you’re not good with a nerf gun, you’re going to be by the end of a week in this elective.


2, 4, 6, 8, KidsGames cheer is really great!


Move over, Gordon Ramsay. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of our campers show up on Master Chef Junior sometime soon.

Cupcake Wars

Do you love to bake, decorate, and be creative…with a little competition added to the mix?

Fashion Design

Got a “Project Runway” addiction? Campers in this elective will learn all the skills they need to design and create their own clothing line.

Flag Football

Don’t worry, our footballs are fully inflated. Get your future Tom Brady in this elective to learn offense, defense, and all the basics.


Campers will flip out over all the fun in this elective!


On the ceiling, in the moonlight, or even just in the shower. Doesn’t matter where they do their dancing, our campers can learn new dance skills in this elective.

Lego Engineering

Learn some awesome engineering skills from some of our master builders.

Musical Theater

OK, so La La Land didn’t win the Oscar. But when your camper wins a Tony someday, you’ll have us to thank.


If your camper starts wearing a lab coat and plotting to take over the world, don’t blame us. Ok, maybe do blame us. When science is this much fun, who wouldn’t want to become a mad scientist?


They might not grow up to marry Posh Spice, but campers in this elective will be one step closer to learning how to bend it like Beckham.


You’re welcome. Because after a week in this elective, your camper will have all the skills they need to do all those DIY projects around your house that you’ve been putting off.


Is your camper the next Ralph Macchio or Jaden Smith? After learning the basics, your camper will be ready to become the next karate kid!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

For the future UFC fighter in your family, campers will get to learn and practice the basics of Jiu Jistu with our seasoned instructors.